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Port Defender Online - Help - Guide
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© 2009-2012 M-Gate Labs

Welcome to the official guide for Port Defender.  Most of the ideas and concepts are similar to other games in the genre, but a few of the additions, such as the Admin which our moving tower.  For full enjoyment of the game please read through this guide carefully.


You just received your new "Port Defender" intranet firewall.  But after installation you learned that it was not properly setup and it's definition file was corrupt.  You called support, but they won't exchange your product, and instead instructed you to train your device.  In order to train your device it will need to analyze simulated attacks and note how you responded and how effective your strategy was.

How to Play

The goal for each game is to stop oncoming creep forces from breaking through your defense.  To stop or slow creeps down you place towers on the field, each tower has different abilities, so knowing how to combine their powers is essential to victory.  To place a tower drag from its associated icon on the action bar to a valid field position.  When placing towers you need to take into account how the creep are going to react to them.  For some maps, the field is wide open and you can construct a maze for creeps to navigate.  Other maps may focus on funneling the creeps on a predefined path, so finding the right place to maximize overall damage may be tricky.  When a creep escapes from your defense, you lose a health point, when your health reaches zero, you lose.

Available Orientations

Starting with version 1.0.17 Port Defender supports all device orientations for gameplay and menu navigation.  We also removed limitations that would stop players from using their devices while it’s upside down.  So if while playing you want to switch from portrait to landscape, just rotate your device and keep on playing.  For larger devices you can use the hard or soft rotation lock switch to stop auto-rotation all together.


Pan view: Drag screen

Zoom view: Pinch screen

Select Tower: Tap it

Select Admin: Tap it

Move Admin: Drag screen while Admin selected


This is your health indicator.  As creeps escape from your grasp, it will decrease.  When this value hits zero, its game over.  There are normally bonuses associated with keeping your health full.


Every time you vanquish an creep or survive a wave, you will receive a bit of valor.  Some may consider this the score indicator, per say, but valor sounds a whole lot better.


This is the number of the current wave facing you.  You can use this to gauge how well your doing.  To see the full wave stat, use the menu button to see more details.


Your Admin vehicle requires fuel to perform many of its critical activities.  This is how much fuel you have at your disposal.  There is an upper limit on how much you can carry, but upgrading the Admin will generally increase fuel storage capabilities.  Fuel is gathered by the Admin vehicle, by using its refuel power.  This power has a currency cost, and only lasts for a short time.  You need to be careful and use it when creeps are near death or a weak creep is close by.


When you vanquish a creep, they will drop currency, which will aid you in your defense efforts.  Currency is used to purchase towers, upgrades and harvest fuel.


Use this button to pause the game and enter the in-game option menu.  From this vantage point you can adjust the volume, resume game play or quit to the main menu.


Use this menu button to pause and resume game play.  While the game is paused you can sell, place and upgrade towers.  It's a common and recommended practice for players to pause game play before placing towers.


Use this menu button to change the games flow of time.  The game allows for a maximum of 6x time compression.  By default the game will limit the maximum speed to 2x.  If you wish to access the highest 6x speed, visit the settings menu and disable the "Speed Limit".


This is a special purpose menu button.  If tapped, names will toggle above each press able button.  If dragged you can drop it over a creep, tower or menu item to see more details about it.

Action bar

This bar holds all the available actions you have at your disposal.  The bar is context sensitive, so when selecting a tower or driving the admin, your available options will be different.

When looking at actions you will notice some subtitle difference in their design, in that some have a square or rounded top.  If the action is rounded, then you can drag the icon onto the field.  If the action is square, just tap to active.

The action bar is also scrollable, so if there are too many available actions and they all don't fit on a single screen, you can simply touch and drag the bar left and right to expose more actions.

Special Cases
Locked Actions

From time to time you will see a lock icon appear on top of actions.  This means the action is currently locked, and unavailable for use.  There are a few reasons why an action may be locked, which include lite version restrictions or map enforced rules in play.

Powered Actions

Many Admin actions require power in order to operate.  Power will only be a problem after certain actions are taken, such as upgrading or using powers.  Once a power has been used, you will have to wait for the Admin's batteries to fully charge for Powered actions to function again.  Actions will drain different levels of energy, so re-charge times may very.

Lite Differences

The Lite version of Port Defender has the following restrictions.

  • Towers and Admin can only be upgraded twice, verses 5 times.
  • Cap playable waves to 30 per game session.
  • The number of playable maps has been limited.
  • No store purchases.

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