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Port Defender Online - History - Versions
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On this page you will find notes from each release of Port Defender.

Version 1.0.32

Released: 2011-11-21

Version 1.0.31

Released: 2011-11-12

Version 1.0.30

Released: 2011-05-26

Everyone, thanks for playing, this is update #30 to Port Defender. We are still working on more additions and updates, but the game has come a long way since its initial march 2009 release. Please leave a review after you've fully experienced the latest changes, and if you have a comment and or question, please use the E-mail Developer button to contact us. 

New Features: 

  1. New Random Wave System, (300 waves of pain)
  2. Updated Tower Placement System
  3. New Store Item, all 3 for less
  4. Updated Transfer Save Icon
  5. Updated Pause Menu
  6. Updated Score Display
  7. New setting, disable screen shot mode
  8. New leader boards (Money, Creeps Destroyed & Random)

Bug Fixes: 

  1. Fixed Bomb! icon active at wrong times
  2. Fixed issues with game locking up while updating online stats
Version 1.0.29

Released: 2011-04-14

Version 1.0.28

Released: 2011-04-08

Version 1.0.27

Released: 2011-01-13

  1. Fixed Overlay setting
  2. Fixed easy reading text not working
  3. Changed easy reading font to include more characters
  4. Fixed issue with Classic button being active during loading
  5. Update system will not re-download installed content
  6. Introduced basic scripting
  7. New Tower Tutorial map available through built in update feature
Version 1.0.26

Released: 2011-01-05

Version 1.0.25

Released: 2010-12-20

Version 1.0.24

Released: 2010-11-03

Version 1.0.23

Released: 2010-09-16

Version 1.0.22

Released: 2010-04-19

Version 1.0.21

Released: 2010-04-13

Version 1.0.20

Released: 2010-04-02

Version 1.0.19

Released: 2010-04-01

Version 1.0.18

Released: 2010-03-23

Version 1.0.17

Released: 2010-03-03

Version 1.0.16

Released: 2010-02-03

Game Improvements:

  1. 2 new maps
    1. "Story Island"
    2. "Up There"
  2. Added in Intersections, so creeps can walk over the same square twice.
  3. Increased points from destroying creeps
  4. Added new interface elements for in game commentary
  5. Switched from OpenGL to UIKit for all general non-game menus to better utilize the device's beautiful touch interface
  6. Settings are now available from within the application
  7. Added smoke/exhaust behind Admin-Screen will enlarge when your driving the admin, ex, when you move you see more screen
  8. Revamped escalation system
  9. Statistics are presented after your win or lose-The Admin's "counter measure" now fire in a cone shape
  10. Added in new Quick Identification help feature
  11. Updated the missing manual & version guide


  1. Changed name due to legal shenanigans

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed bug with flying creeps and non
  2. Standard layouts
  3. Fixed bug with negative scores
Version 1.0.15

Released: 2010-01-08

  1. Updated Admin controls, press on a location and then admin will go there if in admin mode, ex. easier tower pickup
  2. Fixed "failing to win" exploit
  3. Added in Escalation mode, creeps will increase strength if your doing to well. Use the "Settings" app to enable "Escalation"
  4. Multiple start screens
  5. Updated About screen links
  6. Fixed errors in creep formations
  7. Converted waves and layouts to XML
  8. New icon, why not :)
Version 1.0.14

Released: 2009-11-06


  1. Better game saves, now saved at a point in time, not only at level start
  2. Gun towers now fire projectiles
  3. New death animations for vehicles
  4. More explosions
  5. 5x speed setting
  6. Updated interface graphics
  7. Updated back-end
  8. Single frame advance, pause the game and use the fast forward button to advance the game by one frame


  1. Fixed OpenGL ES buffer bug
  2. Fixed issues with path->wiggle
  3. Added a custom mode for path->hard
  4. Fixed bug with rocket splash damageSorry, but still working on new sound effects
Version 1.0.13

Released: 2009-10-10

Version 1.0.12

Released: 2009-09-22

Version 1.0.11

Released: 2009-09-13

Version 1.0.10

Released: 2009-08-17


  1. Fixed major level loading bug

Version 1.0.9

Released: 2009-08-05

  1. Complete menu re-design
  2. Guide books
    1. Quick start
    2. Enemy
    3. Towers
    4. Versions
    5. Art
  3. New layouts
    1. Area Graves
    2. Area Gym
  4. Introduction of non-standard entry and exit points
  5. Introduction of the "Admin", an controllable aircraft that acts like a moving tower.
  6. Extreme difficulty
  7. Fun mode, can you find it?
  8. High scores & Achievements have been removed, but both will return in version 1.1.0.
Version 1.0.8

Released: 2009-07-03


  1. New start up screen, "not green"
  2. New icon, "finally"
  3. 5 new maps
    1. Area Castle
    2. Area Farm
    3. Area Sieger
    4. Area Red Zone
    5. Path Old School
  4. Interface changes
    1. Maps sorted by Open, Path and Mixed game types
    2. Easy to switch between common and random game modes
    3. More settings


  1. Level cap fix
  2. Achievements are now loaded correctly
  3. Fixed some score upload issue
Version 1.0.7

Released: 2009-06-19


  1. High Score uploading/Viewing
  2. Simple website integration
  3. Wave enhancements
    1. Hand crafted waves
    2. Random waves
  4. Settings
    1. Change theme
    2. Disable sound
    3. Disable graphics
    4. Switch databases
  5. Projectile redirection
    1. Rocket/ping/nuke shells will find new targets, if it's previous target was lost.
  6. Tower balancing


Version 1.0.6

Released: 2009-05-20


  1. Introduced Nuke towers
  2. New Enemy
    1. The Runner (Bike Gang)
  3. New enemy groupings
  4. New Tower
    1. Nuke Tower (Super Rocket)
  5. Tower balancing
  6. Particle effects
    1. Rockets are now visible


  1. OS Compatibility Changes
    1. Game will detect OS version and remove functionality where needed
    2. Removed multithreaded loading screen
    3. Removed PVR image loading
Version 1.0.5

Released: 2009-05-08


  1. Complete Tower & Enemy redesign
  2. New spawn systems
  3. Removed transitions between levels
  4. Tower balancing
  5. Fast forward button added
  6. Interface alterations
  7. Scoring

Whats next:

  1. Online & local score saving
  2. Mission based levels


  1. Old save games will not work with this update. They will be lost.
Version 1.0.4

Released: 2009-04-22

  1. Application icon
  2. Floors no longer show damage, instead a red box shows up over non-buildable areas
  3. Switched from JPG to PVR images for VR overlays, faster load times!
  4. Upgraded standard map textures to look more like dirt and grass
  5. You can now listen to your music and play at the same time
  6. Flying enemies, now with jet packs
  7. New maps, area siege and area desk
  1. Tower upgrade bug: Upgrading a tower would de-select tower
  2. Ping tower bug: Trying to build a ping tower would sometimes default to Bomb!
Version 1.0.3

Released: 2009-04-16

  • Introduced layout overlays
Version 1.0.2

Released: 2009-04-08

Version 1.0.1

Released: 2009-03-27

  • Changed frame rate to 30 fps

Version 1.0.0

Released: 2009-03-17

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