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Gun Tower Level 6Welcome to Port Defender Online, the home of Port Defender 2D Field Defense.  The goal of each game is to stop invading creeps from breaching your defenses by building elaborate traps and chokepoints.  The game does have a back story, but you don't need to know it in order to get enjoyment from playing.  In addition of traditional defense formula, such as towers we also introduce weapons, and a mobile tower for additional tactics and strategy options.


  • Multiple ways to play
    • Open: Your given a space to construct how you want
    • Path: You given a fixed path to defend against
    • Mixed: Some areas are fixed, but you have some room to build
  • Multiple towers at your disposal
  • Our unique moving tower
  • GameCenter support

Please feel free to look around and see what's available to see on the site.  We have an extensive change logs, information guides, developer commentary and other additional resources.